About Simpson Housing

The Simpson mission is to provide shelter and affordable housing with support services to homeless men, women and children, to assist individuals and families in their effort to improve their life situations, and to advocate for their human
and civil rights.


  • We celebrate and embrace the uniqueness and dignity of every person.
  • We encourage  people to draw upon their strengths and promote the power of self-advocacy.
  • We believe that everybody has the right to safe and affordable housing.
  • We advocate against the injustices of society that cause homelessness and poverty.
  • We strive to create a collaborative community with the individuals we serve, within Simpson, and also with the greater community.

The Simpson Transitional Housing program currently serves 110 families in scattered site-housing throughout Hennepin County. Families receive assistance in finding housing and support in developing the skills to maintain it. Every child in the program is assigned an Education Support Advocate to help assure success in school.

Every night in our men’s and our women’s shelters, Simpson offers a bed, a warm meal, a hot shower, and the dignity of being addressed by name to nearly 70 people experiencing homelessness. In the past 12 months shelter advocates have placed over 100 people into permanent housing.

The Simpson Single Adult Rental Assistance (SARA) Program works with long-term homeless single adults to secure housing. After two years, the highly successful program has placed 100% of the participants have been placed into housing and 84% have maintained it. The newly developed Women’s Housing Partnership is positioned to find housing for guests specifically from our women’s shelter. Is the first program specifically of its kind in the U.S.

Who We Are
Simpson’s immediate goal is to get people off the street. Our long-term goal is to ensure that people have the resources they need to move from homelessness to stability.

Simpson has a reputation within the community for serving those who are often the most difficult to serve, who hold the most significant barriers to self-reliance. We are known for individualized support and for relationships between staff and clients that are based on mutual respect and understanding. We are committed to the belief that individuals and families experiencing homelessness can succeed with a bit of time, stability, and encouragement. We know that close individual advocacy, support and education will greatly benefit them and ensure a measure of stability on their paths to finding a place to call home.


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