Hunger Solutions Minnesota launches the Minnesota Food Helpline

On June 1st of this year, Hunger Solutions Minnesota launched the Minnesota Food Helpline, a toll-free, statewide food resource information and referral call-in line.

Minnesota Food Helpline – is open 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday. 1-888-711-1151. Multilingual phone assistance is available.

Callers can be screened for Food Support (formerly Food Stamps) eligibility and assisted with completing the application for Food Support.  The line can also assist callers in locating food resources in their own community whether it be a food shelf and or a hot meal site.

In addition, referrals can be made for other public food programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children), MAC (Mothers and Children) and NAPS (Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors).

Hunger Solutions Minnesota reports this:
“Here’s why the Minnesota Food Helpline is so necessary in our community:

The Number of People in Need of Food Continues to Grow. Visits to food shelves in the nine-county Metro Area increased 42% year to date in February. On average, food shelves statewide report a 31% increase in usage.

Food Support/Food Stamp Benefits Can Help Feed Families. Food Support provides low income families at risk for hunger with more choices, less stigma, self sufficiency and more consumer power.

The state of Minnesota estimates that only 68% of those that are eligible for Food Support are participating in the program.

Approximately 80% of eligible seniors are not enrolled due to a variety of barriers and misconceptions about eligibility.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, $5 in new Food Support benefits generates $9.20 in total community spending.

We want to be a resource to all Minnesotans at risk of experiencing hunger and the professionals that work with them.  No one in Minnesota should go hungry.  At the Minnesota Food Helpline, we work with callers to find both short and long-term solutions. “


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