Giving begins early

MiaWhen friend of Simpson Housing Mia G. turned seven, her birthday wish list read a little different than you might expect: socks and underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, and gloves. And they weren’t even for herself.

Mia had been inspired by a news story she had seen on T.V. where a group of girls had given their birthday presents to a group of children who were experiencing homelessness. After seeing this, Mia knew how she wanted to celebrate her day. Mom made a phone call to see what was needed and Mia arrived soon after at Simpson Housing with: 5 boy’s t-shirts, 52 pairs of boy’s underwear, 81 pairs of boy’s socks, 91 pairs of girl’s underwear, 12 girl’s tanktops, 3 pairs of girl’s pajamas, 8 pairs of girl’s gloves and 97 pairs of girl’s socks!

Mia really thought creatively (and compassionately) about ways to help kids experiencing homelessness.


2 responses to “Giving begins early

  1. What a great thing to do. The adults in Mia’s life are talking about the right stuff. I wish more seven year olds could see her example. -Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I am Mia’s grandmother and I am very proud of this young lady and her feelings for others. While she was opening these gifts, she was as excited as if they were for her, and she couldn’t wait to get them to the boys and girls in your shelter. Hopefully, other children will follow her lead.

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