Last week the flu had me down for the count.

Last week the flu had me down for the count. It started on Saturday and lingered for five long days with the customary fevers and headaches. As I lay on my couch watching yet another episode of “The Price is Right” and wishing that my body would allow me to join the real world again, my mind drifted to the homeless men, women, and children in our community.

It took all of my energy to move from my bed to the couch. I couldn’t imagine having to walk around all day, trying to stay warm, sleeping on a mat at night. I thought about the man in one of our housing programs who had lung cancer and went to chemotherapy during the day and slept under a bridge at night. How long would it take a person without a home to recover from the flu? To fight off cancer? It is during these times of sickness that you quickly learn gratitude: for good health, a warm bed, a cup of tea, a house in which to nest. It is also these times that you learn resolve.

Shouldn’t it be a right for everyone to have a warm home in which to rest their body from the troubles of this world?

Wendy W.,  Simpson Program Director


One response to “Last week the flu had me down for the count.

  1. Working at an agency that provides medical recovery to those who are homeless and sick, I can tell you that many people in the conditions you described don’t last very long. I suppose you must already know this! It’s nice to see other agencies out here blogging! I’ll look forward to reading your future posts-thanks for raising awareness of medical issues with posts like this.

    So many of our clients come to us with issues that were entirely preventable – colds that turned into pneumonia, small infections which result in the loss of a toe, etc.

    -Robin at the Center for Respite Care

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