Little bottles of toiletries make a big difference

A friend of Simpson just dropped off a donation of a bag of travel sized toiletries. The kind you get in hotels that are so tempting to take, but then tend to pile up in the bathroom cabinet and get thrown during spring cleaning? The bag was full of shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, and lotions.

These little bottles are highly sought after items in our men’s and our women’s shelters. Sometimes, I think there is a misconception that people who are experiencing homelessness don’t take pride in their appearance, but that is simply not the case. A shower at the end of the day, with your own bottle of shampoo and conditioner, is a great thing. Something a lot of us may take for granted. The travel sized bottles also allow our guests to take the products with them to use during the day when they are not at the shelter.

Simpson has donation needs of a lot of everyday items such as nail clippers, toilet paper, and long underwear. Maybe you can help us out. Go to for all the info.


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