Serving dinner at the women’s shelter was fun, easy, and very rewarding

Last Sunday my sister and half of her Girl Scout Troop served dinner at the Simpson Women’s Shelter. It was so much fun and we felt so appreciated. We will admit, we were nervous. Kind of like cooking for the in-laws, but as soon as we arrived, we could tell it was going to be fun.

The menu included spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, a Jell-O fruit salad, devilled eggs, a fresh vegetable tray with dip, pickles, olives, banana bread, pumpkin pie and apple pie. The members of the troop chose the menu based off of things that they like to eat. We also put bowls of chocolate kisses on the dining tables (knowing how well women and chocolate get along). Much of the dinner was prepared beforehand at home and heated up when we arrived a little after 5 p.m. (dinner is at 6:30). We cooked the spaghetti noodles at the shelter.

The women were quiet and friendly. Most waited for us to speak to them first. The ladies seemed to like everything we brought, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much they liked our devilled eggs. I guess you just can’t beat an old favorite. I was touched with how appreciative and complimentary all the guests were. We heard several “this is the best meal I’ve had since staying here”). They might have been just being nice, but we loved hearing it.

After hearing bits of their stories, we were struck at how we seemed to know these women: former Girl Scout troop leaders, women working two jobs, a daughter who had a disagreement with her mother, someone who preferred skim over whole milk. One lady who just wanted to eat and collapse into bed after a long day.

We were thanked a lot, but we would like to say thank you for letting us into your world for a couple of hours.

-Eric J.


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